Sun Bay Loyalty Circle

Join the Circle!

Our Vision is this: “Our reputation for integrity, unparalleled expertise, both in real estate and our community, plus our client focused attitude make us the indispensable team of choice in the Tampa Bay area.”

To us, being indispensable means:

  • Our Sellers and Buyers choose us because they trust us. We help them sell or purchase their home using our proven strategies and processes.

  • Our Clients recommend and refer their family and friends to us for their real estate needs.

  • Our Clients rely on us to find realtors for them outside our area, who have performance and communication standards as high as ours.

  • We are not only our clients “Realtor for Life”, but we are their community and lifestyle expert for the Tampa Bay area. We stay with our clients, after the real estate transaction is finished, to support them in their needs. We open our black book of vendors for all of our clients to ensure that they have all of their wants met.

If you want to become part of our vision, and access all of the benefits of the Sun Bay Loyalty Circle, call us today and join the circle.

Sun Bay Loyalty Circle Benefits:

  • Preparing mortgage amortization schedules, customized for any payment or interest amount for clients considering a refinance, adding principal to their payment, or considering the purchase of another home.
  • Performing investment analyses of any income property, showing internal rates of return, financial management rates of return, cost per unit, gross rent multipliers, and capitalization rates.
  • Giving advice on future buying and selling decisions, as well as an analysis of refinance viability.
  • Supplying referrals to the best contractors, lenders, and other real estate services in my area.
  • Providing comparative market analyses and marketing plans for all friends, relatives and business associates of members.
  • Calculating cost vs. value estimates for any real estate improvement.
  • Providing referrals to top salespeople in any city of North America should you contemplate a move.
  • Conducting a rent vs. buy analysis.
  • Your personal concierge:
    • Supplying referrals to the best contractor, lenders, and other real estate services in our area.
    • Access to our Sun Bay Bay Closet.
      • Margarita Machine
      • Pressure Washer
      • Giant Jenga Set
      • Carpet Cleaner
      • Pop-Up Tent
      • And More!

You are our key to success!