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Is there a trend in area real estate coming?? In the month of July, in Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties, the greater Tampa Bay area, real estate sales showed a little bit of a slowdown. Certainly not enough to say a market shift is here, just a possible indication, or simply a summertime hiccup. The Pinellas number of homes for sale went up just a bit, the number of homes sold went down and the supply of home went from a 2.1 months inventory in June to 2.6 months in July. Pasco County was pretty much the same, with the inventory of homes going from 1.9 months in June to 2.3 months in July. Hillsborough County was the same general story, with the supply of homes for sale going from 2.0 months in June to 2.2 months in July.

Worth noting, the number of home sales in Pinellas in July 2017 dropped about 9% compared to July 2016. Pasco County showed a slight sales decrease, and Hillsborough County showed a sales decline of just under 3%.

There still is a very tight supply of homes for sale which means the market is still a seller’s market.

Let’s check out the trivia for today.

In 1994, the terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal, was captured in Sudan, by French intelligence agents.

This date in 1945, the banjo playing comedian Steve Martin was born.

On this date in 1971, baseball great Bob Gibson, pitched his first and only no-hitter against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

And finally, in 1935, Franklin Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act.

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