Who wouldn’t want to live in a vibrant community, on the Gulf of Mexico, with an exciting downtown area, lots of wonderful restaurants, fascinating unique shops, lots of public parks for family activities, arts and crafts festivals, green market, and a truly caring community.

Delightful Dunedin (dun-EE-din) is a special place with the Florida lifestyle, and is also home to the Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball spring training. We will have lots of snowbirds flocking to Dunedin for spring-time baseball. The northern visitors, while they love their Jays and baseball, seem to really enjoy the multitude of activities available in Dunedin. One of the most popular destinations is Pioneer Park, where every Friday and Saturday, between 9 am and 2 pm, from November thru June, there is a green market with arts and crafts, unique foods, cheeses, breads and custom blended coffees. The green market also offers fresh produce, various types of fresh seafood, homemade preserves, specialty blended spices, and so much more.

If the green market isn’t your cup of tea, check out the downtown Main Street area. There are plenty of shops and restaurants. And since Dunedin is right on the Gulf of Mexico, there is a lot to do, form boating, to fishing, lounging on the beach, or checking out any of the multitude of restaurants serving outstanding food.

Dunedin is a very dog friendly community. It is even called Dog-ee-din by the locals. Many of the restaurants that line Main Street feature outdoor dining so you can bring your best friend with you for lunch when you meet your human friends for refreshments.

The Pinellas Bike Trail runs through the heart of downtown delightful Dunedin. People can skateboard, bicycle, walk, roller blade along the trail. No motorized vehicles are allowed, so don’t try to use your motorcycle on the trail. The Pinellas Trail runs from Tarpon Springs to the north all the way south to St. Petersburg and is over 42 miles of bicycle trail, with side trips to various places along the trail.

So if you want to live in a terrific community like Delightful Dunedin, just see what it is like during Spring Training, maybe sample some of the local produce and delicious food, or just find a great place to call home, you might want to find out about homes for sale in Dunedin. There are homes for almost every pocketbook. Quaint homes with tons of charm, waterfront homes with spectacular views of the gulf of Mexico, and just about everything else in between. If you need additional information on what is happening in Dunedin, you could visit the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce.

The lifestyle in Dunedin is unlike just about any other community. We live in Dunedin and wouldn’t even think about moving anywhere else. The Pinellas Bike Trail is a relaxing way to get exercise, while heading to destinations like the Dunedin Causeway beach, or at the end of the Causeway is world famous Honeymoon Island. The beach of Honeymoon Island has been named the No. 1 beach in America by Dr. Beach. The sand is pure white and wide so a family can spend the entire day just having fun. There is even a snack bar on the beach with French fries that are amazing, especially after a day of basking in the sun. Stop at the Visitor Center where a park ranger will give you the history of Honeymoon Island and you can buy books about the island. You can even take a nature hike to see what the local plant life looks like. Bring a camera, since you never know when you might see a nesting bald eagle, or a gopher tortoise.

Dunedin has it all, from relaxing beaches to bike trails for exercise, to restaurants to feed the body. The overall atmosphere is food for the soul.

Come, visit Delightful Dunedin and maybe even find a house for sale in Dunedin.